Recently I began thinking of this place as a forest…

Previously it seemed to be just a forgotten corner of the farm and the wildlands beyond.

As I walked the trails we maintain I saw that so many other animals benefit from them too. Our cats, of course, love to run around on the trials but so do wild (and rare) wild deer that I have only been able to catch glimpses of, guinea pigs, snakes and birds as well.

In search of plants for my gardening project I took a moment to sit on the earth. While transplanting aloe vera and wandering dude plants I began to see that this “forgotten” corner of the farm is actually full of life.

Between the invasive plants and fruit trees, planted by generations past, this place has become a natural nursery for wild herbs and native saplings – a forest of diversity for the future.

That day I went out to the forest to foraging and along with the plants I also found a new perspective on this place where I live …

:: about this blog ::

This website is a online journal where I share messages from the garden, the forest, and the arts and crafts I create. Each day I spend mostly outdoors, tending to the ecosystem around me. As a creature of the modern age, a phone or camera is often near by and I use such technology to share my crafts here online. My goal is to inspire (myself and others) and spread the message that we are meant to live in harmony, with this world, with art, and technology too.

In tandem with this blog I also write and print a gardening zine, which is available for trade or for sale via my Ko-Fi Shop as well as my Etsy Shop. If you also make zines or another tradable art and are interested in setting up a trade, email me at

As I grow as a crafter and creator, this blog also evolves and I update it regularly. Thank you for stopping by and checking in on my work — Chloe Calendula // Chloe Russick.